Sunday, October 2, 2011


I almost published this on my public blog.  Most of my Mormon friends have been pretty understanding of my new way of thinking, but I thought this might be a little much.  Maybe one day…

One of the most interesting things that I've come across with my new way of life is a huge switch in the way that I view a lot of things. There were a lot of things taught to me or implied to me while I was growing up that held deep seeded beliefs for me that I've now realized aren't so cut and dry. I'm not saying that these things weren't taught to me for good reasons. I know that they were. What I AM saying though, is that the world isn't so black and white as you might think.
Today, a friend on facebook posted a rather distubing link about a woman who, while drunk, let something awful happen to her child.  My friend also posted that she wondered when people would realize that drinking was selfish, irresponsible, and stupid.  A little less than 2 years ago, I would have completely agreed with her.  However, now - I'd have to respond that what is selfish, irresponsible, and stupid is the person- not the drinking.
The reason I decided to write about this is because a couple of months ago, I had a pretty painful confrontation with my dad who misunderstood something I posted on my fb about getting some Sangria for Cinco De Mayo.  The Sangria I was referring to is a Mexican Soda that you can find at places like Bajio, some grocery stores, and Mexican markets.  I love it.  I've been drinking this soda for years.  My dad, however, thought I was referring to the wine also called Sangria.
I understand that we were brought up being taught that alcohol is bad for you - and it can be bad for you in large amounts.  Wine has actually been proven to be good for you in moderation (as well as coffee).  Even the best possible thing for you can be bad for you in large amounts.  The key is moderation in all things.
The key is also being smart and responsible.
My dad has also had some very painful things happen to him and his family because of alcohol so I can understand why for him and for other people the word alcohol is immediately associated with making bad choices. 
Growing up, I was terrified of drunk people.  I think I had only seen 2 in my whole life, and they were seriously drunk and there was probably a reason I should have feared them, but one drink or two drinks for some people do not equal out of control.  My ex started drinking when we were separated and I was appalled.  This was the worst possible thing in my mind that could have happened.
We've all heard the stories, I'm sure - but in the world that I now live in alcohol is associated with a lot of different things...
For example:
Cooking.  I've always wanted to cook with alcohol and now I can.  The actual alcohol cooks out and what you're left with is a deeper flavor that you can't get anyway else.
Parties.  I'm not talking keggers or anything out of control, but friends, music, talking, a little silliness.  Even a little bit of alcohol allows you to let loose a little and have some fun.
Drinks with friends.  Haven't seen someone in a while, call them for a drink.
Being social.  Growing up, I was always sure that bars were scary places - and I'm sure some of them can be, but every experience I've had so far has been very pleasant.

So yes, there are some very bad things about alcohol and it's definitely not meant for everyone, but there are a lot of things in life that can be bad for you if not met responsibly.

So the question for you guys is... when my friends say stuff like that should I politely correct them, or just continue letting it go?