Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Mormon's Guide: How to Treat Your Disaffected Family Members

Family.  Isn't it about time?

Actually no, not if you're gay, cohabitating, drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, or just plain don't believe - no, it's most definitely NOT time.

So yeah, I'm done.  Typing up my resignation letter today and sending it out sometime this week once I can get it printed, notarized, and priority mailed.

I'm tired of respecting their right to belief and having my thoughts and feelings trampled on.  I've done my best to not be offensive to you - and now I'm done.  I've had enough.


  1. Congratulations on getting the letter sent out! I haven't done it. I don't know if I ever will.

  2. Good for you, about time. To be honest I'm not too surprised. A lot of ppl we mutually know have had similar views and slowly most of them have had issues continue to accrue with family and friends who are TBM. There's not much room for people like us.

  3. I was not a mormon ,but I am in a similar place . It took the movie Zietgeist and the book "openning the ark of the covenant" to get me to realise how rediculous this protestant belief system Is! I have found truth in"a course in miracles" . My family does not understand, they can't understand the bible not being holy. The lies in the story of moses escape them.