Monday, September 27, 2010

The secret to finding a good husband...

So I know that everyone has been dying to know this and I was lucky enough to be in on a conversation where divine revelation was involved.

So this girl goes into see her bishop because she is getting a little up in years (being 25 and all...) and she still hasn't found her eternal companion.  She asks the bishop if he has any suggestions on how to help her find her lovey dovey priesthood leader and the heavens opened, Jesus spoke to the bishop and this is what he suggested.

"Well, I've noticed that you always seem to be in workout clothes."

"You think that might be making a difference?"

"Yeah, why don't you try dressing up a little bit."

... and there you have it girls... make sure to NEVER dress down, never let a guy see you without makeup, and god forbid! never have a bad hair day or you'll have to stick with your dad always being the patriarch of your family.

But here's the good news! Once you get married, you can let yourself go!


  1. "Once you get married, you can let yourself go!"

    That video. That represents everything you just said. :)

  2. I for one like it when a girl dresses down ... all the way.

  3. That's's always our fault. Gotta put the glitz on and sell ourselves like chattel. Yup, sounds great to me. Icky.